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Shalom from Raphael Haar Founder of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance.
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Jerusalem must be the Capital of the United Arab States (Caliphate)

(UJFA) United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance is a pro-Israel pro freedom and justice advocacy, merchandising and marketing and promotion concern. The UJFA mission is promoting and advocating the maintenance of United Jerusalem, as the unified, undivided capital of the state of Israel.

UJFA's strategic goal is world recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Jewish people's holiest place the Temple Mount, while continuing to maintain the freedom for all faiths to access Jerusalem’s holy places.

BACKROUND: Jerusalem is central to, and the center of focus of Judaism. More than 3000 years ago King David made Jerusalem the eternal Capital of of Israel. At present we are again living in Biblical times. Israel has been reborn, her dispersed exiles continue to flow back to Israel from the "four corners of the earth" and Jerusalem has been re-established as the Capital of Israel. Temple Mount is again under Jewish Israeli sovereignty. Our realization time has come, we have waited 1943 years, and we are living witnesses of the fulfillment of Biblical Torah prophecy.

The refusal by the Nations of the free world to recognize Israel’s sovereign rights in her United Jerusalem is the greatest inspiration for the Islamic supremacist movement (ISM). The time to remove the inspiration is now, we must stop empowering and emboldening our sworn enemies, who continue to demonize and delegitimize Israel. Stop standing with anti-Semitic racists who deny the Jewish peoples right to remain in control of her holiest place and places.   

UNDERSTAND: United Jerusalem prevents the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate. The ongoing war against militant Islam is as much a war about ideology as it is of arms. The greatest ideological weapon the free world has is recognizing Israel's historic, religious, political and legal rights to remain sovereign in a United Jerusalem.

CRITICAL: The division of Jerusalem is the central strategic goal of the Islamic Supremacist Movement (ISM). Their desired goal is to re-establishing an Islamic Caliphate ruled by Sharia law and is the central mission of Jihad. We must understand their reasons and why the ISM is calling for millions of martyrs to march on Jerusalem, in order to "liberate" it and make it the Capital of their (SCISS) Sharia Compliant Islamic Super State or Caliphate.

FOCUS: Our educated message from UJFA members must be focused and delivered by all the sectors that are the backbone of free and justice based Nation-States, peoples, societies and communities. Our Political and religious realms, our legal and justice systems, academia and all forms of media dissemination must unite against the global rising tide of Islamic supremacy. The time to act is now; we must not ignore our sworn enemies stated and acted upon goals. The free world ignored the rise of the Third Reich. The Islamic Fourth Reich is congealing and growing. "Evil flourishes when good people do nothing". Act now and become a UJFA member and spread our message. The free world must tell the tyrannical Moslem world that the State of Israel will never surrender any Jewish and Christian holly places.

THE ENEMY: The ISM which includes the Muslim brotherhood, PLO / Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah and too many other Jihadists need to control the Temple Mount, the Jewish people's holiest place, as well as all the Christian holly places, demonstrating domination over the Judea-Christian free world. (The ISM mantra is, "there is no G-d other than Allah". They aim to establish their Caliphate through militarized Islamic Jihad, pursuing world domination. Wake up!

THE ISM WAY: Murdering the non believing Infidel or forcing conversion, and subjugating the Infidels to accept Sharia domination as a second class citizens, is the ISM's stated strategic goal. Time to wake up and listen!

Time is not on our side as the ISM advances in technology. Today in the best learning institutions of world our enemy's soldiers are learning how to develop the current and next generation of weapons of mass destruction in science and technology.

MUST DELIVER: The message to the Moslem world is not complicated; Recognition of Israel sovereign rights over a United Jerusalem with the entirety of her holy places under Israeli control, guaranteeing access for all who love freedom and Justice, as Israel has been doing since liberating Jerusalem from (Trans) Jordan's illegal occupation 46 years ago.

We call upon all who love the privileges their freedoms bring; freedom of religion, free speech, freedom of the press, free and fair elections, freedom of assembly and more. 

We need you to join us, become as a United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance member. Please purchase branded products, because by displaying and wearing our products you become a soldier in the ideological war against the ISM and a guardian of Justice and freedom which should never to be taken for granted.

The greatest ideological weapon for defeating the ISM is maintaining United Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty. No dividing Jerusalem equals no Islamic Caliphate, rocket science it ain't.

UJFA will soon be offering for sale a variety of United Jerusalem products such as lapel pins, self-adhering woven patches, stickers, magnets, key chains, buttons and more in order to advance our mutually held strategic goal.  Shalom, Richard Haar Founder of the United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance.