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(REALITY TIME) The reborn state of Israel settled the Jews expelled from Muslim Arab countries. The Muslim states keep them in concentration "refugee camps", generations and counting.
A one dimensional picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is a three dimensional picture worth?

Notice the green flat coastal plain, 70 percent of Israels population resides in this region. 78 percent of Israels industrial base is also in this region.

Notice the beige mountain range of Judea Samaria. This is a natural protective barrier against ground invasion. Land can not be invaded and occupied by air power, only boots on the ground controls territory. The vast majority of Israel fresh water supply is captured within the aquifers located under and within this region historically known as Judea Samarian (The Biblical Heartland)

Conclusion; The Jewish Communities, towns villages and cities on top and in Judea Samaria are not an “obstacle to peace” they prevent war. If Israel where to come down from these mountains she would be a tasty little morsel that would invite invasion from the global Islamic supremacist movement that surrounds battle ship Israel, who is floating in a Sea of Arab tyranny. The Biblical heartland, where Israel maintains her existence.
The Arab Muslim Islamic initiated ongoing never-ending warfare in pursuit of the destruction of Israel since her re-birth in 1948 is the reason why there is no peace in Israel. Recognizing Israel is antithetical to Islam. With the passage of time, some of Israel's critics have increasingly allowed their approach to the problem to be shaped by myths, slogans, prejudices and lack of knowledge, rather than by solid facts.  The purpose of this publication is to provide factual material through maps and graphs which address key aspects about Israel.
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The Legal Case for Israel