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Dr. Jacques Gauthier a Canadian Lawyer-Jurist, Spent 24 Years on a 1400 Page Thesis on Israel's Legal Right to United Jerusalem. Encapsulated in the Above Must Watch.
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Shalom from Raphael Haar Founder of United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance.
Evil Flourishes When Good People don't do Enough
Get on Message in the fight for United Jerusalem By Raphael Haar Founder of UJFA-United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance

UJFA is a global grassroots pro-Israel pro-freedom and justice advocacy movement. UJFA's mission is promoting the maintenance of United Jerusalem,  as the exclusive undivided Capital of the State of Israel.

  • Conquering Jerusalem is the central strategic goal of the global Islamic Supremacist Movement (GISM). Their desired goal is re-establishing an Islamic Caliphate (Muslim Empire) ruled under Sharia law (Islamic law) and is the mission of the ongoing Jihad. 
  • Understanding the Jihadists call for "millions of martyrs to march on Jerusalem", in order to "liberate it" and making it the Capital of their Sharia Compliant Caliphate is essential knowledge in defeating the ideology that promotes Islamism.
  • Allah has delivered Temple Mount and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher Judaism's and Christendom's holiest places in our hands, is the last message we who are free want to hear broadcast from every Mosque in the world. After all in order to show domination over the Judeo/Christian free world it is a necessity for the Jihadists to control the non-Muslim holiest places. 
  • Understanding the strategic goal of those that are waging war against us who live in freedom, is vital in understanding why the status of Jerusalem is so critical, and why it must remain United, exclusively under Israel’s sovereignty.
  • The refusal by the Nations of the free world to recognize Israel’s sovereign rights in her United Jerusalem is the greatest inspiration for the Islamic Jihad. The time to remove the inspiration is now, we must stop empowering and emboldening the enemies of peace and freedom and stand with Israel's exclusive right to remain sovereign over her United Jerusalem.
  • Terrorism is a tactic, one can not defeat a tactic, we need to defeat the ideology that creates the terrorists.

I Pledge Allegiance to United Jerusalem. The never to be divided eternal capital of Israel, and in Jewish rights, for which it stands. And that Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest place must always remain under Israel's exclusive sovereignty. I will continue to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that a free and open to all United Jerusalem must persist, in that every faith may securely exercise their right to freedom of worship. I know that only a United Jerusalem can guarantee world peace, In the realization that the global Islamic supremacist movement can never claim victory over the Judeo Christian free world without conquering Judaism’s holiest place and Christendom’s holiest site. There for I know; No Dividing United Jerusalem Equals No Islamic Caliphate. 
If you agree with the above then Join United Jerusalem Freedom Alliance (UJFA). A Facebook Community whose mission is making history as the largest online community. An essential message for the free world. Be counted, make a difference!